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Musings on wood fired ovens and barbecues

Fogazzo's Blog - Musings on wood fired ovens and barbecues

Authentic Churrasco Brazilian Barbecues

\n\nThe art of Brazilian barbecue is called Churrasco, sick there and the barbecue pit where it is cooked is called a Churrasqueira. Our authentic Brazilian barbecue kits are churrasqueiras made to the exact specifications so that anyone can have a perfect Brazilian barbecue experience at home. These barbecues can be installed both indoors or outdoors and work equally well in both locations.\n\nThe Fogazzo Model 525 Mesquite Fired Barbecue Kit (shown above) is a pre-cast system for the assembly of an authentic Brazilian Churrasco Barbecue. The kit is made up of 12 individual pre-cast parts. They are, ambulance base, firebox floor, firebox walls (4), firebox surround, lower cooking area, upper cooking area, hood  and chimney. The various parts are cast using materials adequate for the needs of the individual part. Firebox, floor, walls and the surround are cast using high temperature castable, rated to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit, all other parts are cast using a lightweight concrete mix. All parts are re-enforced using welded steel mesh 3×3” 11 gauge or 4×4” 10 gauge, depending on availability at the time of manufacture.\n\n \n\n