Model 525
Wood Charcoal Fired Barbecue Kit


Our wood charcoal barbecue
kits can be finished using
tile, brick, stone or stucco.

Model 525 BBQ Kit $2,999.00

Now when
it matters
most, our
ovens and
are proudly

Made in USA Flag II

The Model 525 is our large wood charcoal barbecue kit.

525 Kit Components:

Chimney cap
Smoke Hood
Upper cooking area
Lower cooking area
Outer fire box
Inner fire box
Fire box floor

All Model 525 Barbecue kit components are made using refractory materials that are reinforced with steel rod. The fire box is cast using a high grade refractory.

The kit includes refractory clay sand for mortar, installation instructions and warranty card.


All our wood charcoal barbecue kits are designed for authentic Churrasco and Gaucho Style cooking. Our spit rotisserie kits can be motorized or manual and fit a wide assortment of spits and grills.


Our charcoal barbecue kits can also be used to barbecue large cuts, like a whole chicken, lamb roast, ham, turkey, etc. This can be done when a conventional rotisserie like the cradle model shown here is used.


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