Model 325

Model 325 kits feature:

  • Refractory bricks embedded in wall castings
  • Proven, heat-efficient designs
  • Installs quickly into light gage framing
  • Thermal heat blanket for added efficiency
  • Complete installation instructions for easy assembly
  • 1-Year limited warranty on kit components

Refractory bricks are built into the kit walls.

This means that the finished installation will look like a traditional hand built fireplace without the time and expense of brick by brick construction.

Walls are angled to increase heat radiating from the fireplace.

Brick fireplaces are more efficient than gas log sets and chimeneas because they retain heat in the refractory walls and floor for many hours.

Height 56 inches
Width 36.5 inches
Depth 21 inches
Weight 705 lbs.

Model 325 Wood Fired Fireplace Kit $1,499.00


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