This rustic outdoor kitchen is at The Cabins at Strawberry Hill Bed & Breakfast, in Julian, CA. They used local labor and materials to give this project its wonderful rustic look in keeping with the setting. You can just see the barn in the back of this image which is part of this quintessential "Cabin in the Woods". This environmentally friendly cabin in the woods features art, music, books, and the serenity of nature on 2 wooded acres in Pine Hills.

Masons assembling oven

Masons grouting oven

Mason grouting oven dome

Assembled and grouted oven

Mason setting path in front of oven and bbq

Secondary oven mass (optional)

Oven insulation covered with wire

Stone mason covering oven

Mason working on oven chimeny

Stone mason cleaning up

Mason checking grouting

Completed wood fired oven and bbq

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