Eagle Rock, California

This spacious backyard near Los Angeles, lacked a focal feature. It now benefits in many ways from the installation of a Model 525, that fills a previously empty corner. This is now the basis for their new outdoor kitchen.

Crated BBQ delivered to the site

Area where BBQ will be installed

Base had to be cut 1/2 inch on back legs to make up grade

Checking fit for the base

Mortar for base installation

Installing anchors for seismic safety

Checking level for base

Base and firebox floor installed

Base and firebox

Base firebox, and lower cooking area

Base, firebox and cooking area

Base, firebox, cooking area and lower hood

Base, firebox cooking area, and hood

Base, firebox, cooking area, hood and chimney

BBQ assembly complete

Firebox inner wall installation

Tile installation detail

Tile installation completed and ready for grout

Metal lath installed for stucco and added strength

Stucco installation detail

Stucco work

Stucco completed

Cooking detail, picanha and skirt steak

First churrasco bbq in new installation

Skirt steak, sirloin cap (picanha) and veggie kabobs

Sirloin cap, chicken drumsticks, skirt steak, almost done!

Sausage, chicken drumsticks, skirt steak and sirloin cap (picanha)


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