How to build a wood fired oven

Building a wood fired oven as part of your outdoor kitchen project can be a difficult task without the proper know-how and plans. Wood fired ovens in the form of precast kits, are available from Fogazzo in two sizes. The Model 850 and the Model 1050 are easy to assemble units that can be finished using a wide variety of finish materials like stone, stucco, tile, etc. All our fired oven kits include easy to follow instructions and a users manual that make the assembly a snap.

Your overall outdoor kitchen design will reflect your tastes and needs. How elaborate it will be, will depend on what features are important to you and your family. This may often be impacted by how often you cook outdoors and what you can afford. If you cook outdoors only occasionally, you can keep things down to a bare minimum. However if you cook outdoors as often as the weather will allow and you live in an area with good weather most of the year. You may be justified in going all out.

Our kits can help you to build any of the following:

  • Wood fired oven
  • Mesquite barbecue
  • Wood or gas fired fireplace

The following images show how an outdoor kitchen was built with step by step photos. The images show the overall construction of the outdoor kitchen with emphasis on the wood fired oven portion of the construction process.

Footings were formed using 2x4 studs on their side and secured to the existing patio slab with steel angles. The underground utilities included water, sewer, gas and electrical. The footings are re-enfored with steel rebar.

Two block masons built all the masonry in one day. The next day the oven support shelf was formed and concrete grout was poured in all the cmu cavities to make the structure solid filled.

Oven support shelf has been poured along with the extension shelf. Notice the rebar dowels that will re-enforce the surround.

Rear portions of the wood fired oven dome are in place. The 2x4 holding them up is no longer necessary as the weight of each quarter section cancels out the other.

Wood fired oven kit assembly is complete, now the finishing construction can begin.

Masonry portion of the oven surround is complete. Note that the surround is actually made up of a 5 sided structure rather than 4, but a rear triangle will be kept flat and the other 4 sides will be the base for the roof.

The wood fired oven chimney is in place and has been surrounded by masonry.

One part clay roof tiles are used over plywood, and felt paper.

The footings for the outdoor kitchen have just been poured using ready mix concrete and a pump truck. The total concrete used was just under 6 yards.

Forms have been built to support the oven shelf. Notice the rebar sticking out around the perimeter of the oven support shelf forms that will later re-enforce the oven surround masonry.

Wood fired oven floor installed. The oven floor comes in three sections that each weigh around 100 pounds and have refractory bricks cast in them.

Three of the four sections for the wood fired oven dome in place.

Block mason is building the masonry surround for the wood fired oven. Note the temporary bracing in the oven doorway to support the masonry temporarily.

Two forms are build to cast the front and back pitch for the roof. Note the wires at either side of the oven door ready for the light fixtures.

Roof framing is done used treated 2x4 material. Insulation material used was vermiculite granules, mixed with refractory sand and hydroton.

The wood fired oven construction is done. There are a few more appliances to be installed and this outdoor kitchen project will be complete and ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Here is the completed outdoor kitchen with the Model 1050 Wood Fired Oven, The finished outdoor kitchen features the wood fired oven, a gas barbecue, stainless steel sink with insta-hot water heater, small refrigerator, garbage disposal as well as a clear roofed pergola.

Building a wood fired oven as part of your outdoor kitchen project can be a difficult task without the proper equipment or plans. Fired oven pizza wood in the form of kits, are available from Fogazzo in two sizes. The Model 850 and the Model 1050 are our fired kit oven wood in easy to assemble units. Our fired oven plan wood comes complete with easy to assemble and build fired oven wood. Brick fired oven wood are the center of attention in any outdoor kitchen project. To build fired oven wood, our kits are the easiest to assemble and require the least amount of time to be completed.

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All Fogazzo products are designed to be easy to install using most types of common construction methods and materials. Commonly, installations are completed using a combination of materials such as brick, masonry, concrete, light gauge steel, ceramic tile, stucco, brick veneers, etc.

Complete installation instructions are included to guide you step by step in the assembly of the kit. Visit our installation gallery for inspiration for your outdoor kitchen project.

All Fogazzo products feature easy to assemble components cast using our proprietary mix and  firebrick Additionally, all our products feature castings made from high thermal resistance materials Proven, heat-efficient dome design for our ovens. Combination flue/hood optimally placed for efficient smoke removal. Steel oven door with handle for our ovens. Thermal heat blankets for added efficiency of all products. Complete installation instructions for easy assembly and 1-Year limited warranty on all kit components.

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